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Returns and Exchanges Policy

1- Filling out the form:

Log in to the website or, if you have not yet registered, proceed to the same.
a) Select the option "My Account";
b) Select the option “My Purchases”;
c) Select the items to exchange;
d) Indicate the reason for the exchange in the text box.

2- Wait for contact:

The customer will be contacted within 24 hours after completing and sending the form. Contact can be made via phone or email. (Customer data must be validated and updated on the website).

3- Article submission:

The return of the article must be made in the packaging of the order itself or in another cardboard box, as long as it is not damaged or does not contain any type of reference to another type of order. The box must be sealed with tape, and must contain the item for exchange / return with the respective purchase tag, delivered at shipment.

4- Collect:

The collection can be made by the carrier that proceeds to send the orders, passing at the confirmed address on the agreed day, only on working days.

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